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Today I read an article about the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, also leader of the muslim-conservative AK party in Turkey, who reportedly has said: “It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide.”


According to this article Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan made an address to party members about the participation of the sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir at a summit of Islamic nations in Turkey this week.

The Sudanese President al-Bashir is held responsible for the Darfur-genocide amongst other atrocities committed against ethnic groups in Sudan. Nevertheless, he is invited to visit the summit of Islamic nations in Turkey. We all remember Erdogan’s rage at the Switzerland World Economic Forum against Peres about the Gaza war, but he doesn’t seem to mind if people are killed by Muslims.

Prime Minister Erdogan defended the planned visit of al-Bashir to Turkey by saying that “Those world leaders that criticize us, have they ever visited Darfur? Their information is solely based on what the rapporteurs are reporting. These kind of moves will not contribute to world peace.” Erdogan also said, “It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide. That’s why we are comfortable (with the visit of al-Bashir).”

In the light of the ongoing discussion between Turkey and the European Union for membership of Turkey, it explains why they will not accept the history of genocide of the armenian, greek, kurdish people and other minorities in Turkey from 1900 to 1930. The Turkish people are Muslims and Muslims cannot commit genocide against Dhimmi’s (unfidels, unbelievers or non-muslims).


AP photo/Alessandro Della Bella

In a comment on the original article Sheik Yermami stated,

“How many different ways do we in the anti-jihad movement have to spell it out? As long as the Koran is continued to be revered as the actual word of Allah, the overwhelming majority of Muslims will continue to hold views like the prime minister of Turkey and the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.
There is no such thing as “radical Islam or moderate” Islam, there is just Islam. Every Muslim Islamic scholar, cleric and Muslim leader will tell you the same, and it’s high time for the West to understand that fact in order to develop a better strategy to defeat, or at least to contain it. Lying to ourselves that “there is a moderate Islam out there and, “all we need to do is to go find it”, is a mugs game, because it’s the mythical unicorn.
When we see Muslim “moderates” lurking about drinking booze and chasing skirts, and “their” women folk walking around completely unveiled, what we are actually seeing is, not moderate Islam, but people who have decided to, and most importantly, managed to, jettison huge portions of Islamic precepts and culture from their daily lives, and embrace Western culture. These westernized Muslims see the sanity and logic in Western mores, and loathe the backwardness and cruelty of traditional Islam.
It does not help matters in trying to lie to ourselves that Islam itself holds the keys to the moderation and modernization of the Islamic world. No, it’s the influence of the West on intolerant and backward Islam, that holds the keys to the furture of the modern world. The more un-Islamic a Muslim becomes, better are the chances that the relations between that secularized Muslim and the non-Muslim world will succeed. That kind of Muslim has no problem building true relationships with the non-Muslim friends and doesn’t seek to impose his or her world views upon another, and presents no risk to society.
It’s the rejection of traditional Islam that leads to the soft, or mild Muslims, not Islam itself. So when you hear about re-education camps in the Saudi kingdom for repentant terrorists, do not believe for a minute that these Muslims are moderate after they come out of those camps, because the Koran is being used as a tool in their re-education, so that means nothing good will ever come out of it.”

Qur’an 8:17, “It’s not you who slew them, it was Allah who killed them…”



Crethi Plethi

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  1. avatar Crethi Plethi says:

    Posted new article @ about A Muslim can never commit genocide

  2. Posted new article @ about A Muslim can never commit genocide

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  5. avatar AGHET 1915 says:

    See the oustanding documentation AGHET made by Eric Friedler about the truth of the Armenian Genocide, with many proofs, long time hidden in order not to harm Turkey. The documentation was shown twice on two notable German TV stations in April this year and will be shown again in September. This is a very great sign as it’s a German production although it depicts the complicity of Germany (= Turkey’s Ally) in the Armenian Genocide.



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