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This website was first launched on October 9, 2009.

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CrethiPlethi is a non-profit, non-partisan online publication on Middle Eastern affairs produced by the Middle East Affairs Information Center based in the Netherlands. CrethiPlethi is run and produced on a voluntary basis by an editorial team and expanding pool of contributors committed to discussing the Middle East, Israel, the Arab World, SouthWest Asia and the (Islamic) Maghreb. The site currently publishes mostly in English, but also in Dutch.

CrethiPlethi provides an unique source of insight, background, opinion and independent analysis on the Middle East. Topics include Middle East Politics, Culture, Defense, Democracy, Diplomacy, Economy, Energy, History, Media, Religion, Security, (Islamic) Terrorism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israeli-Palestinian Issues and much more.

Ongoing Middle Eastern issues involving Arab, Israeli and Palestinian issues, (Islamic) Terrorism, revolutionary Islamism, Iran’s nuclear program, the Arab upheavals and other regional security and stability issues are threatening regional (and world) peace and continue to dominate the world press, where there is little optimism it will and can be resolved speedily. Many of these issues are also fueled by anti-Western and anti-Israeli ideology in the Middle East and even in the rest of the world.

Moreover, misunderstanding these Middle Eastern issues are even more threatening to our democracy and freedom as it causes our governments’ inadequate dealing with these issues and failing to understand what’s really happening in the Middle East — and as result failing to recognize errors in international Middle East policies — being unable to correct them.

The leaders of our world are facing many challenges, it is therefore essential to deal with the Middle East as a whole, since Middle Eastern issues, the Arab upheavals, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, revolutionary Islamism, Iran’s nuclear threat, security, defense and energy policy can only be understood in this context.

For this reason, we believe it’s essential to be informed beyond the headlines with facts, backgrounds and analysis on Middle Eastern news as it happens. Therefore we see it as our task to help inform the public, the media, bloggers, NGO’s, policymakers and organizations around the world about the Middle East region. In this respect, we want to maintain an independent and balanced point of view.

CrethiPlethi does not receive any funding from any government or organization. At this moment, we are in the process of expanding our services into a legally constituted non-governmental organization (NGO). We are supported only by contributions from private individuals. All received funds are used to promote the mission of our website.

Work with us! We are in the process to set up a professional media and research organization focusing on Middle Eastern affairs to provide you with an accurate view of Middle Eastern issues. If you endorse our mission and are interested to join, support or fund our project, please contact us for more information.

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Quotes and Sayings

About the Region, Islam and cultural totalitarianism...

    I wouldn’t be able to speak with Netanyahu so comfortably, but I would speak comfortably with Bashir (Assad). I say comfortably: “What you’ve done is wrong.” And I would say it to his face. Why? Because a Muslim couldn’t do such things. A Muslim could not commit genocide.”

    — Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Quoted in Reuters article; Sun, Nov 08, 2009

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