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by Crethi Plethi

Muammar al-Gaddafi, since 1969 rogue leader of libya, called for Jihad (holy war) on Thursday against Switzerland over de ban adopted last year (in a november 29 referendum) on the constructions of minarets in the country.

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“Switzerland is an infidel, obscene state which is destroying mosques… It is against unbelieving and apostate Switzerland that jihad ought to be proclaimed by all means… Let us fight against Switzerland, against Zionism, against foreign aggression… This is not terrorism.” (He added in contrast with al-Qaeda, which he called a “kind of crime and a psychological disease”). “There is a big difference between terrorism and jihad, which is a right to armed struggle… and any Muslim around the world who has dealings with Switzerland is an apostate (and is) against Islam, against Mohammed, against God, against the Koran,” Gaddafi said during a speech, broadcast live on television, in the Mediterranean coastal city of Bengazi to mark the birthday of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in an effort to make Arabs take his words seriously.

Gaddafi calls for jihad on Switzerland and Zionists

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (an unelected and undemocratic rogue leader) said early december that the Swiss are now supporting terrorism, at least indirectly. “Switzerland has done the so-called Al Qaeda, or the terrorists, the biggest favor,” he said.

Gaddafi himself has been accused of supporting militant groups throughout the Middle East for many years in the past. Lebanon still holds him responsible for the disappearance of the Lebanese Shia leader Musa al-Sadr (in august 1978), when he departed for Libya to meet with government officials. They were never heard of again. At that time, Musa al-Sadr founded the Amal Movement, a liberal-Shia Lebanese resistance movement. However Amal Movement became powerful much to the annoyance of the PLO which was based primarily in south Lebanon. Gaddafi is an Arab leader from an era where Arab Nationalism was at its peak and used Islam as an “Islamic socialism” system like Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt and Hafez al-Assad in Syria did. He has always been a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause and has strong anti-Israel and anti-zionist tendencies.

In the past few years he has been attempting to demonstrate to the West that he is not leader of an Islamic rogue state, that he has no nuclear ambitions or contacts with terrorism groups.

It’s no surprise that in his call for Jihad on Switzerland, he also calls for jihad on the zionists (meaning Israel), as enemies of Islam. As a militant Islamic leader he has no sympathy for Israel or zionists and takes every opportunity to demonize the state of Israel even if it’s out of context.

His diplomatic vendetta against Switzerland started on 15 July 2008, when his son Hannibal and his wife (Aline Skaf) were arrested and held for two days and accused of assaulting two of their staff in Geneva, Switzerland and then released on bail on 17 July. Subsequently, Gaddafi cancelled oil supplies, put boycott on Swiss imports, withdrew billions of dollars from Swiss banks, refused visas to Swiss citizens, forced Swiss companies to close offices in Lybia, recalled some of its diplomats and detained two Swiss businessmen of which one recently was released. It seems that Gaddafi by calling for Jihad is willing to take the diplomatic argument to the battlefield.

The United Nations and European Union have condemned the call from Libya’s leader for Muslims to carry out jihad against Switzerland. Sergei Ordzhonikidze, the UN director-general in Geneva, said the call by Muammar Gaddafi on Friday was “inadmissible”. In Brussels, a spokesman for the European Union’s foreign affairs chief described Gaddafi’s call for jihad as “unfortunate”. In the meantime, the Swiss government reacted blandly on Friday to the latest rhetorical sally from the Libyan leader. They are in the process of negotiating a diplomatic solution for the release of the second, still in captive, Swiss businessman, although they acknowledge it’s a difficult process.

Bern blacklisted 180 Libyans, including the Gaddafi family, which means that they can no longer be issued a Schengen visa. They can receive, however, national visas from any European countries. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but is member of the passport-free Schengen area in Europe and used this to ban the 180 libyans from getting visa for Schengen countries. Italy fears that Libya will not coöperate anymore in helping to reduce illegal immigration from Africa to Italy and Europe via Libya. Europe seems divided in how to back Switzerland in the diplomatic row with libya since their interests are now at stake as well.

But everyone in Europe or Israel dreaming of peace in the middle east, should wake up and realize that peace with islam is not possible as long as there is an Islam, because Islam is at war with infidels (since the start of this religion in the 7th century A.C.). Islam, “the religion of peace”, will always seek and find a reason for jihad as long as the world is not in submission to Allah. This time it’s a controversial rogue leader of a desert state like Gaddafi, next time it’s a anti-semitic leader of an oil-rich Arab state with nuclear power like Ahmadinejad.


Crethi Plethi

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4 Comments to “Al-Gaddafi calls for Jihad on Switzerland and Zionists”

  1. Al-Gaddafi calls for jihad on Switzerland and Zionists #israel #switzerland #libya #jihad

  2. avatar Elisabeth says:

    RT @CrethiPlethi: Al-Gaddafi calls for jihad on Switzerland and Zionists #israel #switzerland #libya #jihad

  3. avatar arab muslim says:

    Greetings to all. The reasons for Arab-Israeli conflict is the occupation of Palestine.
    Palestine Arab Islamic state like the rest of the Arab and Islamic states surrounding
    Them. Means that there are Jews and Zionists in Palestine a big mistake, because this entity
    Zionist is not consistent with the surrounding area (such as language, customs, traditions and religion)
    The only solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is the expulsion of Jews from Palestine
    All of Palestine. The Jewish people will not rest and will not feel comfortable and stability
    But if it gets out of Palestine and the Middle East completely. If people continue to
    Jews in Palestine and the Middle East, the death and destruction will continue.
    Palestine Arab Islamic state and will remain


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