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Thu, March 17, 2011 | Israel National News | by Zeev Shemer

Hamas March, extolling suicide bombers and jihadis. (May 20, 2004)


An Effective Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Zeev Shemer, writer of this article (“The Effective Solution”), thinks there is something we can do about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s his reaction to the Itamar murder.

What are you crying about?” are the remarks of radical Muslims and anti-Zionists across the globe. “Stop playing the victims when you deliberately bomb entire villages, wiping out dozens of families; and now, that one of yours is dead we are supposed to feel bad about it?”

Now think about this for a moment. We have never bombed entire villages or wiped out dozens of families, but they firmly believe that we do that, and deliberately.

So-There is really nothing we can say that will make Jew-haters change their point of view. And why is it we feel compelled to argue? Why do we feel the need to reason with these people?

The answer remains the same: We feel that we need the world. We can’t survive in isolation. And Israel’s left will continue to feed us with the notion that we can achieve peace with Arab Jew-haters if we only…. Yes, if we only…

First, there was Shimon Peres who wholeheartedly believed that if we gave these primitive people toilets and microwave ovens, they’d grow to love us. We built cities for them. Universities, hospitals, enterprises, and then we noticed that the most fervent of haters were rich ‘Palestinian’ young men. They became the worst of murderers, and they used the weapons that Peres and his cronies provided them with.

Then came Sharon, Barak and Olmert with the idea that these invented people need a country of their own, and since the invented ‘royalty’ of Jordan doesn’t want them, then it is up to tiny Israel to provide them with land for the fulfillment of their nationalistic dream. Sharon and Olmert expelled thousands of Jews from their homes, yet rockets continue to fly in from Judenrein Gaza. Barak turned a blind eye to Palestinian murderers, removed check posts and forbid Jews from building homes. Not surprisingly, they found that these barbarians don’t really want a country, but rather, they don’t want Jews to have one.

So we stand today. Still trying to appease the world. Trying to fight the lies and defamation with reason they do not want to listen to; trying to explain that Arab lies are baseless vilifications. The Palestinians will continue to murder and then make up excuses as to why they do it. Jews will be to blame. “It is because Jews bombed villages in Lebanon,” or “Jews built homes in Arab land” or it will be something else, some other lie, another fantasy, another pretext. And the world will buy into it. Even if deep down they know it isn’t true, it bears no comparison.

If we as Jews want to put an end to terror, there is only one way to do it: We announce to the world, that we tried living with them, but ‘we’ are just too rotten, and we simply cannot coexist. So for their sake, we have decided to part with them. We take the self-hating leftist morons together with this invented Palestinian people and we throw them out, into Jordan (or the Sinai).

Sounds like a fantasy? Probably is. Then again, back in the late 1800’s when Herzl dreamed of a Jewish homeland, it sounded as a far-fetched illusion as well. Maybe it is time to make dreams come true.

About the author,

Ze’ev Shemer is a college professor who teaches English and Social Studies at Western Galilee College. He is the author of The Answer and the trilogy 30-Day Rush. He is a member of Hatikva and National Union and lives in Naharia with his wife and children. For his website go here.

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  1. An Effective Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | #Israel #terrorism

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    RT @CrethiPlethi: An Effective Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | #Israel #terrorism


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