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Wed, June 02, 2010 | Youtube | 4Yiddish

A loud and angry mob of pro-Arab demonstrators outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles on Tuesday became even more enraged when one, lone Jewish high school student with a yarmulke and a large Israeli flag marched fearlessly alongside them.

The young man seemed to be unmoved by the angry curses hurled at him by the American-Arab crowd. Though protected by a line of policemen, it appeared he could be attacked at any moment.

Brave Lone jewish High School Student Facing Arab Mob in Los Angeles. A true Jewish hero! Now who is here the David and who is the Goliath?

From the clip:

Muslim and far-leftist demonstrators outside the Israel Consulate to Los Angeles to protest Israel’s enforcing its naval blockade of sea shipments to Hamas by an activists’ flotilla. A sole, Jewish, high-school student walks on the scene to demonstrate his support for Israel. A muslim incites the crowd against him with the holy-war chant, “Allahu Akbar!” (“Allah is the greater God!”) The police recognizes that this young man must be separated from the growing unruly, now religiously incited mob. The young man marches undaunted by the detractors. The banner of some protesters in the clip (at 9 seconds) reads: “AFTER THE HOLOCAUST – The worst thing that has happened to Jewish people is the state of Israel.”

Reporters asked him afterwards about his unusual presence, and he explained,

“I came out because I want to defend Israel… They [the soldiers attempting to divert the flotilla ships – ed.] were attacked, and they had the right to defend [themselves]. These people [on the boats] were not humanitarians; their ship was armed with knives, batons, and all kinds of things to attack the Israelis with. There is a naval blockade on Gaza, and they [the soldiers] were just doing their job of enforcing it… Hamas is a terrorist organization trying to kill Israelis.”

Asked if he is affiliated with any group, he said, “Just Judaism and Israel, that’s it.”

Asked how he knows that the ship was filled with arms, he said, “I know from the news; I’m an informed person.”

This contrasted with the Arab-Americans who appear at the end of the video. One girl said that a Palestinian state alongside Israel would not satisfy her, as

“No no no… alongside with the Jews can live in a Palestinian state… there should not be an Israeli state… The Israeli state does not even exist… it started in 1948…”

Another Arab-speaking American explained,

“The only reason Israel is doing this is because they got kicked out from, uh, the German whatever, whatever happened to them. So they’re trying to take out their anger to someone else.” Asked about the Bible and the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel since the times of King Solomon, he lowered his voice and said, “I don’t know about that.”

7 Comments to “Arabs Protest Flotilla Takeover and a Lone Daniel in the Lion’s Den”

  1. Arabs Protest Flotilla Takeover and a Lone Daniel in the Lion’s Den #israel #gaza #flotilla #arabs #islam

  2. avatar Trish Nelson says:

    Wafa Sultan is right. Muslims can't talk w/o screaming…even when what "they know" isn't substantiated by facts.

  3. avatar Cole Younger says:

    Wafa Sultan is right. Muslims can't talk w/o screaming…even when what "they know" isn't substantiated by facts.

  4. avatar Lou says:

    @Trishcuit Wafa Sultan's right.Muslims can't talk w/o screamng.Even when what "they know" isn't substantiated by facts.

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lou and Cole Younger, Trish Nelson. Trish Nelson said: Wafa Sultan is right. Muslims can't talk w/o screaming…even when what "they know" isn't substantiated by facts. […]

  6. avatar Joe says:

    I’m proud of this youngster who had the courage of his convictions and spoke well too. Contrast this with the guy who said he didn’t know about the bible. As to the woman who said that Israel does not exist, unfortunately this seems to be the prevalent opinion amongst the Arabs. Not that it doesn’t exist, but that it should not exist. Certainly this is the aim of hamas and Iran so the Israelis and thinking Jews know what is at stake here. All you Jews who do not support Israel, where are you going to go when the countries you live in turn against you ?

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