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Wed, Feb 16, 2011 | Egypt State Information Service

Supreme Council of Armed Forces calling the shots, Tahrir Square. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Egypt: Supreme Council of Armed Forces hopes to Transfer Power to Elected President

From the Egypt State Information Service:

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said it hopes to end its mission and transfer power in the next six months to a civilian authority and a president who is elected in free and fair elections that truly reflect the will of the people.

The council reiterated its firm stance that it is not seeking power and that it is incumbent on the armed forces under the current circumstances in Egypt not to fail the people’s trust.

Sources close to the military council said that the current tense conditions in the country do not help realize any hoped for achievements.

The sources praised the youth-led revolution, saying that their demands are normal and legitimate.

The council understands very well the economic and social grievances of the society, but the people have to realize that strikes and sit-ins and work and production stoppages and damaging factories will not get their problems solved, the sources said.

The result of this continued state of social instability will be catastrophic, they warned.

The sources said that the military council has been attentive from the very beginning to ban money transfers and departure of private planes, except through a clear set of rules.

Nobody could have imagined that corruption is so deeply ingrained and unchecked in the country as it has recently been discovered, the sources said. But the people must understand that the military council does not have a magic wand that would make it disappear with one stroke, they said, promising that the military council will not condone corruption.

The council urged the honorable and honest young Egyptians to preserve the country’s economic and social infrastructure, pointing out that democracy means dialogue and not fighting with one another.

The sources said that the people must be aware that the return of police to their duties is for the good of the nation.

They called for an end to smear campaigns against former president Hosni Mubarak, saying that this was the man who led Egypt for nearly 30 years and that though he had his mistakes he also had his achievements.

The council is committed to delivering on all its promises to the people, according to the sources.

Source: Egypt State Information Service.

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