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Wed, March 23, 2011 | Youtube

Full Text of Anwar al-Sadat’s Statements About the Muslim Brotherhood

Sadat’s statements about the destructive Islamist ideology of the Islamic Brotherhood.

Transcript of a six-minute video of statements by the late President Anwar al-Sadat (Egypt) about the Muslim Brotherhood:

“These Islamic Brotherhood groups, so we would be aware of them. The most dangerous thing about them are the ideas that they put into the minds of the kids (our youth) and also for the other parties (political) that help them to see what they preach or even those who are trying to draw near to them, need to see the extent of the criminality that is perpetrated against the up and coming generations and against Egypt.

What and how do those people think? These people talk of something called the Domineering Hegemony (Al-Hakemiyah – which basically decrees that the business) of governance is according only to the commands that Allah pronounced and refusing any of the civil legal guidelines.

(Regarding) Violence the conviction that there is such an inevitable clash with the infidel authorities and the primitive pre-Islamic (meaning pagan and evil) rest of society and to eradicate both.

Then comes the most dangerously radical part of their ideology which was planted by the Islamic Brotherhood. The Mandated requirement to pledge allegiance to the religious commander of the group (The Emir) and to uphold the rule of conditional loyalty and obedience to him under all circumstances.

Which basically means, that these people don’t require such level of loyalty to God Almighty who rightfully is worthy of such loyalty and adherence without arguing, but instead they apply that kind of following to the commander of the group (The Emir) and after that, just to remain in the realm of that notion, they forbid ascribing or even hearing any exegesis of the Koran or the Sunnah (Religious tradition of legally binding precedents based on the life and words of the Prophet Mohammed) and the total reliance on the exposition given by the commander of the group (The Emir) of the Koran’s verses and the Prophetic (Mohammed’s) words of the Hadeeth.

Now that he attained the allegiance and the obedience of the entire group this notion was instituted by Sheikh (Islamic term for Elder) Hassan El-Banna, God rest his soul, and I if you remember or know that I was a contemporary with Sheikh Hassan when we collaborated together and worked hand in hand during the bygone days of the secret resistance movement against the British (occupying force) the King (pre-revolution ruler of Egypt) and the parties (other groups), but I can’t say that I have worked against Egypt and I have God to thank for that, I only work for Egypt.

So this level of allegiance and obedience creates a robotic machine out of a human being, and so you have the commentary of the Koran to be said only by the commander of the group (The Emir), this commander/Amir person is a mere student, or the chief commanding Emir amongst other commanders could be this young graduate fresh out of college with his graduate degree at the age of 23 or 24.

On the other hand you have the Grand Mufti of Egypt (the highest ranking religious authority on Islamic affairs referred to widely as the expounder of Islamic law) to that they would say, “No, do not listen or bother with what the Mufti figure says but rather the commander of the group (the Emir) should be the ultimate authority on commentary of the Koran, there lies in the inherent danger.

Then next is issuing a religious forbidding ban on pledging allegiance to country, issuing a religious forbidding ban on enlisting with the armed forces since it is an institution of infidels, issuing a religious forbidding ban on praying behind the publically lead prayers behind the Imams (Muslim Clerics) since they are part of the state, issuing a religious forbidding ban on holding jobs in the government and in public establishments.

A complete refusal to abiding to any laws or to stand trial in court circuits, since these courts are primitive pre-Islamic, issuing a religious forbidding ban on receiving government funds of grants since these funds are rendered as abominable (haraam), issuing a religious forbidding ban on education since those who carry out the act of teaching are infidels, and because the topics that are taught in these places are non-Islamic.

And here you can see the extent of their fallacy and since Allah created humans only to worship him, therefore education cannot exceed anything beyond teaching the Koran and the Sunnah (Religious tradition of legally binding precedents based on the life and words of the Prophet Mohammed).

Here is where they quote the verse in the Koran that states that God has created both people and the realm of spirits for the sole purpose of worshiping him. So out of that verse they came up with the notion that all education is classified as infidel and only the Koran and the Sunnah are legitimate to learn, and all the other modern fields of study whether it be nature studies, chemistry, molecular studies, to live and learn of the new sciences of our age is all deemed infidel and they wouldn’t have that.

Issuing a religious forbidding ban on private ownership of property, since Allah holds ownership of everything. See how they play around with words. It’s true that God indeed is the owner of everything, it’s true, but there is also the verse that says “Acquire ownership of everything that Allah has handed over into your possession” that is out of which God left to us.

Issuing a religious forbidding ban on women going out to hold jobs or forbidding her getting an education since she was created for nothing but raising children and taking care of the house.

Issuing a religious forbidding ban on watching television, going to the movie theater or any type of media since they disseminate corruption.

During these times the Muslims are in a state of being at war with the nation and therefore these arises the necessity for Gihad (waging of Holy War).”

Watch the video here.

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