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Mon, June 07, 2010 | Report Mainz | Das Erste – ARD1 and SWR1

German Left-Wing Activists in a Boat with Turkish Islamists and Right-Wing Extremists

The following report on the “Free Gaza Flotilla” was aired on June 07, 2010 by the German public broadcaster Südwestrundfunk: “Questionable Peace Mission.” It’s a very clear example of the “Leftist-Islamist alliance” in Europe to delegitimize the state of Israel.

News anchor:

“All of a sudden members of the Bundestag [German parliament] from “Die Linke” [German left-wing] appear on a ship that had taken course towards Gaza. They said they wanted to bring relief goods to the Israel-blockaded Gaza. A foreign mission with which “Die Linke” has no problems this time.”

“But who stands behind this project, which was able to adorn itself with prominent travelers like the Swedish author Henning Mankell?” [aboard the Swedish ship “Sofia,” one of the six “Gaza Flotilla” ships] And were all the activists really en route on a peaceful mission? Eric Beres and Ahmed Senyurt looked into these questions.


Transcript: [Thanks to]

Back Home.

Annette Groth: “Thank you, that’s really great. Thank you, that’s really great.”

The leftist member of the Bundestag, Annette Groth, was on board the Turkish ship that was raided by the Israeli naval forces. These days, she also likes to tell journalists about the time before the raid. About the passengers and the atmosphere on board.

Voice of Annette Groth [member of the Bundestag, “Die Linke“]: “An incredibly good atmosphere. Several groups sat there on the deck and sang, and such.”

Norman Paech, a prominent member of “Die Linke” from Hamburg. He too was on the Turkish ship “Mavi Marmara.”

Voice of Norman Paech [peace activist]: “It was like being at a bazaar for me. There was a buzz of activity.”

Inge Höger, member of the Bundestag for “Die Linke,” also a passenger of the “Mavi Marmara.”

Voice of Inge Höger [member of the Bundestag, “Die Linke“]: “Everyone who supported this project could participate in the trip and it was predominantly humanitarian organizations that have been cooperating for years on humanitarian projects.”

So everybody could participate in the trip. With whom exactly were the (members) of “Die Linke” on the ship “Mavi Marmara?”

Istanbul, two weeks ago. The “Mavi Marmara” sails out. Hundreds celebrate the departure for Gaza. A Turkish station broadcasts the farewell party.

Footage original sound: “Oh you Jews … the army of the prophet Mohammed will return – just like in Khaybar, … Intifada until victory!”

Intifada – thus the uprising against Israel until victory!

Help for Gaza under the Turkish flag: thus only a peace mission? The “Mavi Marmara,” it was organized by the IHH – officially a Turkish relief organization with projects worldwide. But what exactly stands behind the IHH?

Inquiry (we inquired) with the leftist activist.

Voice of Annette Groth [member of the Bundestag, “Die Linke“]: “In any case, the IHH is a humanitarian organization, that is, for human rights and freedom.”

Voice of Inge Höger [member of the Bundestag, “Die Linke“]: “Islamic maybe, but not Islamist!”

Reporter: “So you sought information beforehand?”

Inge Höger: “I’ve sought information yes.”

[Reporter] The IHH is not Islamist? Mete Cubukcu is editor in chief for the Turkish news station NTV. He sees the IHH as part of an Islamist movement. Its goal: a social order based on Islam.

Mete Cubukcu: “The IHH has a strong Milli Görüs base. The followers have a close relationship with this Islamist movement. And they say so themselves.”

[Reporter] The leader of the IHH is Bülent Yildirim. In the 90s he reportedly helped recruit fighters for the Holy War. Shortly before the Israeli navy’s assault, he gives an interview on board the “Mavi Marmara”:

Voice of Bülent Yildirim [president of the IHH]: “If the Israelis attack us, then there will be actions against Israel in cities like Ankara, Istanbul or Islamabad. Israel is in a difficult situation.”

[Reporter] So the declared objective is: show Israel as an unjust state. An objective that also others on board the “Mavi Marmara” obviously pursued. The Islamist forum of Milli Görüs published on the Internet a list of the Turkish passengers. We asked the Islam specialist, Michael Kiefer about the Turkish passengers. He’s been working for years on Turkish parties and groups.

Michael Kiefer [Islam specialist]: “In my eyes, these are not normal peace activists, like those we know, like members of the peace movement who advocate political goals far removed from any form of violence, from any nationalist exacerbation. This here looks quite different.”

[Reporter] On the list: writers for radical Islamist newspapers and officials from the BBP party [the Great Union Party], for example, their spokesperson, presented on the party’s own website.

The BBP: for experts, (it’s) a party with anti-semitic and militant tendencies. Among other things the party has been linked to the murder of a Christian Armenian journalist in 2007. So now BBP officials (are) on the “Mavi Marmara.”

Norman Paech [peace activist]: “When everyone has the same yardsticks — relief goods to Gaza without violence then that was for us, so to say, the basis of understanding. And then we left behind those, if they left behind in Turkey all of their other, perhaps violent fantasies, then that posed no problem for us.”

Michael Kiefer [Islam specialist]: “Well according to my judgment, one can, if one wanted to create overlaps, one could definitely say that the BBP conceives similar things, similar program elements to those of the (extreme-right German nationalist party) NPD.”

[Reporter] Even “Die Linke” sees things that way. Three years ago, in a small letter of enquiry its parliamentary faction classifies the BBP in the extreme right camp and quotes the (German domestic intelligence service) Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. It said the BBP belongs to the “Grey Wolves” movement. (This movement), it said, represents “a racist-nationalist orientation” and stands for “propensity to violence and totalitarian structures aligned on the führer principle.”

We show Annette Groth the list with passengers from the BBP.

Voice of Annette Groth [member of the Bundestag, “Die Linke“]: “You shouldn’t ask me about that, ask the lady from (Catholic NGO) Pax Christi. Maybe she is better versed in this than I am. I am the wrong interlocutor for this.”

Reporter: “But then (by refusing to answer the question) you seem not to have bothered from the outset about who would travel with you?”

Voice of Annette Groth: “I’ll stop this interview now.”

[Reporter] Three (members) of “Die Linke” and their peace mission. On the same boat with Islamists and right-wing extremists. When it comes to their own goals, they apparently have little fear of rubbing shoulders.

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  6. avatar AGHET 1915 says:

    See the oustanding documentation AGHET made by Eric Friedler about the truth of the Armenian Genocide, with many proofs, long time hidden in order not to harm Turkey. The documentation was shown twice on two notable German TV stations in April this year and will be shown again in September. This is a very great sign as it’s a German production although it depicts the complicity of Germany (= Turkey’s Ally) in the Armenian Genocide.




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