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Sun, Aug 15, 2010 | The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

The Iranian website about the Holocaust

Iran presents: illustrated online book about Holocaust

Iran has recently launched a new website examining the story of the Holocaust of European Jewry through Iranian eyes. The website is operated by the Khakriz Cultural Center, belonging to the students’ Basij in Tehran’s University of Science and Technology. The website (Holocartoons) is entirely dedicated to an illustrated book containing several dozen pages about the Holocaust. It is available in three languages: Farsi, English, and Arabic.

The book is dedicated to “all those who were killed under the pretext of the Holocaust”. It presents the claims on the “fabrication of the Holocaust” that are prevalent in the Iranian political discourse, and argues that the Zionists have been using it to take over Palestine.

The illustrated book portrays claims about the Holocaust in a mocking light. It says, for example:

“One day, when Hitler woke up, he decided to choke six million Jews. Unfortunately, there were only 5.4 million Jews living in Europe, so he invited another 600 thousand Jews to come to Europe, and they immigrated there within several days.”

Elsewhere it says:

“There wasn’t enough gas during the war to burn the Jews, so the Nazis forced the Jews who had not yet choked to death to blow on the corpses so they would burn properly.”

It further states:

“Did the Holocaust take place only during World War II? No, six million Jews had died from hunger and poverty during World War I, but since nobody paid any attention, they let themselves die again by having the Nazis choke them during World War II.”

The book goes on to portray the manner in which the Zionists invented the Holocaust (“Jewish artists rebuilt gas chambers using their mental abilities and their imaginations”) and the cynical use made by Zionists of the “Holocaust lie” to gain financial profit and suppress the Palestinians:

“the German government asked the Jews to accept everything it had, but the Jews only agreed to receive 100 billion dollars and donated the rest to God”; “Researchers proved that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem looked at Hitler’s photograph three times during the war, and that Palestine therefore belongs to the Jews… Palestine was empty save for a small number of Muslim natives who wished to sacrifice their lives to welcome the Zionist Jews… The Zionists first rejected the proposition of the Muslims, but as they insisted, they agreed to take Palestine”.

The new website is yet another expression of the Holocaust denial policy which plays a major part in the Iranian regime’s attempt to undermine the legitimacy of Israel and to eliminate the moral and historical foundation on which Zionism stands. Expressions of Holocaust denial have appeared many times since the Islamic revolution; however, they have become significantly stronger since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s election for president in 2005. In August 2006, Iran held an exhibition of cartoons aimed to portray the Holocaust as a historical lie; in December of that year Iran officially sponsored a Holocaust denial convention organized by a research institute affiliated with the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

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