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Tue, Jan 25, 2011 | Jerusalem Post | By Herb Keinon

Ireland Upgrades PA Envoys without ‘Recognition’

A Jerusalem Post report:

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor slammed Ireland Tuesday for upgrading the Palestinian delegation in Dublin to the status of a mission, saying the move is consistent with the country’s “longtime” bias in the Middle East.

An Irish diplomatic source confirmed Dublin’s intention make the upgrade, but stressed that contrary to some reports, the delegation would not be given the status of an embassy.

Still, the source said the head of the delegation will now be referred to as “ambassador- head of mission,” and will present credentials to the country’s president.

The source said this move was in step with what a number of other countries have done recently in the EU, including Portugal, France and Spain.

He added that the upgrade is not a precursor to recognizing a Palestinian state, and that according to Irish law, states can only be recognized if they exist.

A number of EU countries are expected to take similar steps in the coming weeks – but are unlikely to grant recognition to a Palestinian state, according to EU officials.

Palmor said Israel regretted the decision, but was not stunned.

“It comes as no surprise, as it is in line with Ireland’s longtime biased policy in the Middle East,” he said.

Palmor added that the upgrade will only strengthen Palestinian rejection of returning to direct dialogue and peace talks.”

Read full report here. [Jerusalem Post, Tue, Jan 25, 2011]

With a collapsed government and a near collapse of the Irish economy it’s just remarkable how the Irish keep pushing their pro-Palestinian agenda. One would think that the Irish government has something better to do these days besides upgrading a PA envoy, as former Limerick University President Ed Walsh pointed out during the weekly RTE television program “Questions and Answers” [Jan 10, 2011]: “This is the greatest crisis the country has faced since it was established” in 1922, he said. “We are the most unstable financial state in the European Union. This is a life and death situation.”

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