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Sun, June 06, 2010 | part 1 and part 2 | Littlegreenfootballs

Yesterday, we published some photo’s and information about the link between the Mavi Marmara activists and terror organizations.

Today, we show these photo’s again together with photo’s published by Reuters to show how they cropped the photo’s to leave the weapons out used by the militants aboard the Mavi Marmara when they attacked and injured the Israeli naval soldiers.

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet published some recovered photo’s (from memory cards) showing armed militants (with knives and metal rods) dragging injured soldiers below deck. Some reports said they wanted to take the injured soldiers hostage and use them as a bargain to stop the Israel navy take control of the flotilla ships and negotiate a way to the Gaza Strip. But on the photo’s Reuters published, there were no weapons visible, as if the militants were unarmed and are actually helping the soldiers.

Here’s one of Hürriyet’s  pictures; notice the knife held by the militant in the lower right corner:

A militant aboard the Mavi Marmara holding a knive in his left hand.

And here’s the same photo, but now as how Reuters released it yesterday:

Some "peace activists" trying to take a soldier hostage. Of course, the biased media would say "helping them." Notice the cropped size of the photo and the missing knive.

That’s a very interesting way to crop the photo. Most people would consider that knife an important part of the context. There was a huge controversy over whether the activists were armed. Cropping out a knife, in a picture showing a soldier who’s apparently been stabbed, seems like a very odd editorial decision.

Unless someone was trying to hide it.

Here’s another cropped picture to hide a knife that was published by Reuters:

The cropped Reuters version without the knive and the blood

The picture is a cropped version of this photo:

On this version you can actually see how the soldier is dragged below deck and a militant with a knive standing next to him. Notice also the pool of blood.

The same photo enlarged:

This is what Reuters left out: the knive, the pool of blood and another injured soldier on the background lying on the floor.

Israel’s military said the series of images “shows that our boarding party in fact did face deadly violence from the hardcore Islamist activists on the boat from the fundamentalist IHH movement.” (AP Photo/IHH; the IHH is the radical Islamist group whose members rioted aboard the Mavi Marmara)

Militants with metal rods holding guard and waiting how the Israeli naval action develops on the upper deck:

So-called "peace activists" with metal rods holding guard

8 Comments to “Media Bias: Did Reuters Crop Photo’s to Show the Mavi Marmara Militants Unarmed?”

  1. Media Bias: Did Reuters Crop Photo’s to Show the Mavi Marmara Militants Unarmed? #israel #jcot #gaza #flotilla #media

  2. avatar Leopold says:

    Nothing surprising me already.A lot of media companies supports terror and doing a lot of money.
    There are no real journalism today.

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  4. avatar Eric says:

    Reuters Crop Photo’s to Show the Mavi Marmara Unarmed
    A picture doesn't back your ideology? Just Crop it!

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