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Mon, Jan 03 2011 | Jerusalem Post

Hezbollah members carry mock rockets and posters of Nasrallah during a festival organised by the group in Sidon to commemorate the 2006 war with Israel.

Mossad: ‘Hezbollah Can Fire 400-600 Rockets a Day in Next War’

Hezbollah would likely shoot between 400 and 600 missiles a day into Israel during a future war, a senior Mossad official told a congressional delegation to Israel in 2009, according to a US diplomatic cable published on Sunday.

The cable from November 2009 summed up meetings a delegation led by Ike Skelton (D-Missouri) held with top officials from the Mossad, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF. It was first published on Sunday by Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper, which received it from WikiLeaks.

According to the Mossad official, 100 of the missiles will hit Tel Aviv.

Hizbullah, the delegation was told, has 40,000 missiles as well as a number of Iranian-made Ababil unmanned aerial vehicles that have a range of 150 km. and can be loaded with explosives and sent to bomb strategic targets in Israel.

Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told the delegation that due to the military buildup in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, he was preparing the IDF for a “major war” since it would then be easier to scale down for smaller conflicts if needed.

As a result of the growing rocket threat, Ashkenazi told the congressmen that the IDF was investing heavily in missile defense systems, such as the Arrow, David’s Sling and Iron Dome.

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  1. #Mossad: #Hezbollah Can Fire 400-600 Rockets a Day in Next #War | #Iran #Israel #WikiLeaks

  2. #Mossad: #Hezbollah Can Fire 400-600 Rockets a Day in Next #War | #Iran #Israel #WikiLeaks

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    RT @CrethiPlethi: #Mossad: #Hezbollah Can Fire 400-600 Rockets a Day in Next #War | #Iran #Israel #WikiLeaks

  4. RT @CrethiPlethi: #Mossad: #Hezbollah Can Fire 400-600 Rockets a Day in Next #War | #Iran #Israel #WikiLeaks http://f

  5. Mossad: ‘#Hezbollah Can Fire 400-600 Rockets a Day in Next War’ #Israel


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