Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 05:57 am CEST
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Must Watch Video’s

The Must Watch Video Post. Just scroll down and click the video you want to watch.


Video 1

Watch the video with the Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam. She is a prominent lawyer and women’s rights activist in Egypt. In an interview on Al-Arabiya TV (October 31, 2008), she says that jewish women should be sexual harrassed by arab men as a form of resistance. It is quite odd for a women’s rights activist to make such a statement. Nagla Al-Imam knows what prosecution is for speaking out for the rights of women in the muslim world. So why is she making such a statement? Is she trying to please some muslim fundamentalists in her country? In a recent report it was mentioned that she converted to christianity and for that reason fatwa’s were issued against her.

You can also watch this video full screen, click here.

Video 2

Watch the video with Syrian actress Amal Arafa stating that the hatred against jews is in the blood of the Syrian people. It makes us more aware of the deep hatred many arabs feel for the jews by culture and upbringing, so we can better understand the challenges Israel as a nation is facing these days in trying to have it’s place in the Middle East.

You can also watch this video full screen, click here.

Video 3

Watch the video about Muslim Demographics. The entire western democracies, including the US and Canada, will be muslim states in no less than 50 years. See this compelling video about facts and opinions. But are these presented facts true?

You can also watch this video full screen, click here.

Video 4

Watch the video and listen to the rethorics of Hamas, Hezbollah and other muslim leaders about Islam domination, Israel and the Western democracies. Many times we can hear western Muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace, but even as many times we hear the same voices of Islam stating that Islam will dominate the world, by force if necessary ad will be subject to the Sharia muslim law. Which one should we believe, which one will be true?

You can also watch this video full screen, click here.

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    Radical Islamists are so determined to prove Islam is the religion of peace that they are willing to kill for it.

    — professor Afshin Ellian, Times of Israel, interview, dec 1, 2012

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