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Mon, July 25, 2011 | Rubin Reports | By Barry Rubin

A Palestinian smuggler works at one of the tunnels linking the southern Gaza town of Rafah with Egypt, on Aug. 10, 2010. The border between Gaza and Egypt is connected by many underground tunnels used by smugglers to move commercial goods, livestock, food, and weapons into Gaza. (Ismael Mohamad/UPI/Newscom)


NATO Allies, Egyptian “Democracy” Become Main Weapons’ Suppliers for Hamas

As I predicted in early February, it is now clear that Egypt no longer tries seriously to stop weapons and terrorists and money from flowing into the Hamas arsenals in the Gaza Strip. Western newspaper headline statements by the military that it will keep the treaty with Israel but Egypt is already an ally of Hamas.

Haaretz reports:

“Egyptian security forces’ diminished control in Sinai has allowed the Palestinians to exponentially increase their weapons smuggling into Gaza, senior Israeli defense officials say. In the past few months, Hamas has acquired improved high-trajectory rockets, ready-made explosive devices, anti-tank missiles and possibly anti-aircraft missiles, the sources told Ha’aretz…”

“Former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter told Ha’aretz: “The Sinai went from being an area through which they smuggle weapons to an area through which they simply transfer weapons…No Egyptian security official dares to confront the Bedouin anymore.” Dichter said parts of the steel fence on the Rafah border, which Egypt began to construct last year, were already being dismantled by the Bedouin. He said Iran and Hamas want to concentrate large stores of weapons in Gaza and, when the opportunity arises, to deliver them to the West Bank.

But there’s more! The article continues:

“After the Libyan army lost control of vast weapons stores in the east of the country, local arms dealers made contact with Gaza smugglers, and new weapons began to flow by a much shorter and easier route.”

Do you know what that means? It means that the NATO and U.S.-backed Libyan rebels have now become the main source of arms for Hamas.

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  1. #NATO Allies, Egyptian “Democracy” Become Main Weapons’ Suppliers for #Hamas | #Israel #Egypt

  2. avatar Elisabeth says:

    #NATO Allies, Egyptian “Democracy” Become Main Weapons’ Suppliers for #Hamas | #Israel #Egypt


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