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Thu, June 10, 2010 | MEMRITV

Remarks by Ahmad Ibrahimi, Imam and Coordinator, of the Algerian Delegation to the “Freedom Flotilla.” Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza), June 04, 2010.

Translated by MEMRI TV


“I swear by Allah, live on TV, that we felt no fear whatsoever of those brothers of apes and pigs.”

“By Allah, I loathed them before, and my hatred of them has only grown, not because they punished and humiliated us, but because I had thought them to be worthy enemies, but it turns out that they are too despicable even to be called our enemies, because they are not our equals.”

“They are cowards.”

“I took an oath that if they stamped my passport, I would rip it up and leave without a passport.”

“Our hatred for these people is so intense that we wished, at those moments, that we could have been bombs, and blow up among those brothers of apes and pigs.”

“I believe in the principle that all the infidels are one group. No good can come of any of those infidels. All these people have issued resolutions – like the Goldstone report or some rulings of the court in the Hague – but when the time comes to implement them, none of them can put Israel in its place.”

“If we want to profit from what happened, we must mobilize the Islamic peoples and the Arab nation, because the Palestinian cause is a purely Islamic religious issue. If Palestine is liberated, the whole world will change. We do not want a national Palestinian state or borders. We want Palestine in its entirety.”

“(The Palestinians) said to us: “Don’t be scared of them. You will see that they are a Mickey Mouse army.” This turned out to be true. I swear by Allah that we saw their soldiers crying. By Allah, we saw signs of urine and feces on their clothes.”

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  1. avatar crethiplethi says:

    Remarks by Ahmad Ibrahimi of Algerian Delegation to the Ship Intifada #israel #gaza #flotilla

  2. avatar haantje33 says:

    RT @CrethiPlethi: Remarks by Ahmad Ibrahimi of Algerian Delegation to the Ship Intifada #israel #gaza #flotilla

  3. avatar Elisabeth says:

    RT @CrethiPlethi: Remarks by Ahmad Ibrahimi of Algerian Delegation to the Ship Intifada #israel #gaza #flotilla

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  5. avatar algerian says:

    the man is seriously deranged…his speech is very hateful and warrior like. i have never seen this video, was that supposingly on algerian TV? when and on what channel?


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