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The Palestinian “Jerusalem Statement” (nov 11, 2007) is an anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish Statement and can not be seen separately from its Islamic “Arab” background.

This paper highlights the Palestinian ‘Islamic, theological and political’ view and only the Universal, Islamic and Christian culture and history of Jerusalem. Israel is portrayed as an occupying power in the country and the city, where Jerusalem is seen as a city that belongs to the Palestinians only.

This Statement is another Palestinian attempt to distort history in order to deprive Jews of their rights in their homeland and Jerusalem, where Jewish rights not even are mentioned in the “Jerusalem Statement”. Therefore, this Statement stresses at the same time the “Palestinian” ideological and “Islamic” commitment to destroy a Jewish homeland.

You can download the original Jerusalem Statement here, The Jerusalem Statement 2007.

The City of David, the first city of Jerusalem, was built by the Jewish King David in 1004 BCE, after he captured the site from the Jebusits. The establishment of the city fulfilled King David's wish to reunite the Twelve Tribes of Israel under the kingdom of David's house.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The Jerusalem Statement – November, 2007

After forty years of Israeli occupation, and sixty years since the first Nakbah of Palestine, we, the Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem who are signatories to this statement, confirm the following:

First: Jerusalem is an inseparable part of the national Palestinian home and political entity; it is the symbol of its national pride. According to Palestinian national will and international law, all Arab, Islamic and Christian rights in Jerusalem are at the core of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Second: Jerusalem is part of our creed and is holy in our faiths, as are its holy places. We hold on to Jerusalem, to our right to free access to it, and to our right to maintain our relationship with it. The heritage, civilization, culture and Muslim and Christian archeological sites in Jerusalem are parts of the universal historical heritage.

Third: All Palestinian rights and properties in Jerusalem are inseparable parts of Palestinian national sovereignty. The land, buildings, citizenship, residency, work, movement, worshipping at the holy places, the continued function of its national, non-governmental, religious, cultural, societal, business and other institutions that render services in Jerusalem should not be given up or relinquished.

Fourth: The economy of Jerusalem is part and parcel of the Palestinian national economy. Tourism, trade, investment, development and creating jobs are all resources for national steadfastness and progress.

Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967, we have been enduring various measures to isolate Jerusalem from its Arabic environs, separate it from the rest of the occupied Palestinian lands and to besiege it with a chain of settlements and the Apartheid Wall that cuts through its neighborhoods, aiming at the Israelization of the city and its citizens through the following procedures:

  • Changing the status quo in the city by annexing it to Israel, violating all acceptable norms and international laws.
  • Creating new realities on the ground, replacing the archaeological, historical, religious, and community sites, both Islamic and Christian, especially the excavations surrounding the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and its historical gates (the Mughrabi Gate), confiscating land and property, demolishing Palestinian homes, and restricting building permits and residency.
  • Forcing ethnic cleansing policies on the Palestinian citizens including arrest, deportation, revoking Jerusalem residency rights, and preventing Palestinians from the rest of the Occupied Territories from entry, residency and work in Jerusalem.
  • Connecting all the above mentioned measures with the plans for the Israelization of Jerusalem through implanting Israeli colonies in and surrounding it, and forcing Israeli laws and regulations on all aspects of life. The Israelization process became a sphere of competition between the various Israeli occupation authorities and institutions, bypassing all humanitarian and legal norms and traditions that protect human rights.

Accordingly, we condemn and reject all Israeli measures, and we declare them illegal, null and void; they are racist measures that attempt to impose the will of one side to decide the final status of Jerusalem unilaterally.

We register our rejection and opposition to all negotiation projects or interim agreements vis-à-vis Jerusalem that violate our national rights in it which are guaranteed by international law.

We appeal to our sisters and brothers, the citizens of Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian national home, to be steadfast in carrying their responsibilities towards Jerusalem and to commit to living in it and the rest of the Occupied Territories, out of our beliefs and out of respect for our martyrs, and out of our attachment to our history, civilization and rights.

We appeal to political decision makers in Palestine and Arab and Islamic states, as well as leaders of public opinion and civil societies, to carry the responsibility of protecting Jerusalem and its holy places before our nation and history.


Emile Amin Ghouri – Dr. Subhi Ghosheh – Dr. Musa Abdul Qader Husseini – Adnan Husseini – Naim Ateek – Sheikh Ibrahim Sabri – Bishop Suheil Dawani – Sheikh Ekrima Sabri – Bishop Munib Younan – Sheikh Mohammad Hussein – Patriarch Michel Sabbah – Sheikh Abdel Azim Salhab – Laila Hussein Fakhri Khalidi – Ziyad Dajani – Dr. Hazem Nusseibeh – Ishaq Budeiri – Dr. Emile Jarjoui – Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway – Sheikh Jamil Hammami – Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi – Dr. Sari Nusseibeh – Sheikh Azzam Khatib – Eng. Mazen Sinokrot – Eng. Mohammad Nusseibeh – Sulayman Qazzaz – Subhi Musa Tamimi – Haj Zaki Ghoul – Abdel Rahim Barbar – Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh – Dr. Bernard Sabella – Abdel Qader Husseini – Sheikh Mustafa Taweel – Hatem Abdul Qader – Ahmad Hashim Zughaier – Ibrahim Saed Dakkak – Giries Al-Khoury – Omar Nashashibi – Amal Dajani – Munir Khoury – Dr. Basem Abu Asab – Father Rafiq Khoury – Dr. Farouk Abdel Rahim – Dr. Adnan Arafeh – Zahira Kamal – Dr. Hassan Dweik – Ibrahim Daibes – Dr. Hani Abdeen – Dr. Arafat Hidmi – Ahmad Najjar – Nufuth Mustafa Al Mufatish – Samir Zananiri – Wasef Daher – Sami Abu Dayyeh – Hisham Omari – Yousef Dajani – Dr. Mohammed Jadallah – Dr. Abdallah Khoury – Ibrahim Sha’aban – Dr. Nazmi Joubeh – Dr. Nabil Ja’bari – Ahmad Salim Ahram – Bassem Faraj – Albert Aghazerian – Diana Safieh – Talal Naser Eddin – Dr. Marwan Abu Zuluf – Azzam Abu Soud – Jehad Abu Zneid – Dr. Mohammad Salim – Sister Hortense Nakhleh – Walid Asali – Mahera Dajani – Adnan Shaweesh – Michel Musa Sandajeh – Zalikha Husseini – Fouad Fakhri Dakkak – Lina Barakat Masrouji – Terry Bullata – Dr. Fadia Daibes – Mohammad Souwan – Kamel Husseini – Samia Khoury – Etidal Ashhab – Khalid Kaloti – Hiba Ibrahim Husseini – Mazen Ishaq Nashashibi – Afaf Nusseibeh – Khalil Tufakji – Jamal Ghosheh – Dr. Sami Halabi – Buthaina Shabani – Ibrahim Joulani – Hanna Amira – Dr. Bassam Abu Libdeh – Dr. Abdel Rahman Abbad – Dr. Sulayman Ghosheh – Omar Akram Bitar – Mohammad Masrouji – Zuhair Amad – Wafiq Fouad Dakkak – Munther Ghosheh – Taher Hashim Numari – Yousef Imam – Mahmoud Zamamiri – Walid Imam – Nora Karmi – Khalid Zaki Husseini – Fadel Tahboub.

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  1. The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians

  2. The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians

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    RT @CrethiPlethi: The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians

  4. RT @CrethiPlethi: The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians

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    RT @CrethiPlethi: The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians

  6. RT @CrethiPlethi: The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians

  7. RT @CrethiPlethi: The anti-Jewish "Jerusalem Statement" #israel #islam #palestinians


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