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Wed, Nov 24, 2010 | The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

Ken O'Keefe, who was also involved in the Mavi Marmara incident, is one of the activists on the Road to Hope convoy

The British Road to Hope Convoy on Its Way to the Gaza Strip

Some ten of the activists from the British convoy calling itself the “Road to Hope,” who were abducted last week to Greece by the captain of the ship they had tried to rent, were released by the Greek coast guard. Those who were left in Libya managed to rent another ship and after the released abductees returned from Greece they set sail for the port of El Arish (Road to Hope website, November 22, 2010).

There has been no information from the Greek authorities about whether the Mercedes van trapped on the ferry – and the aid it contains – will ever be returned.

Other vehicles and 3 convoy members are on a ship close to El Arish. The bulk of the convoy will fly from Benghazi to join them tomorrow and expect to enter Gaza the same day. Several members have been denied access. [Road to Hope website, November 24, 2010]

The Crossings

Since the decision was made by the Israeli government in June 2010 to ease the closure of the Gaza Strip, the Kerem Shalom crossing has been altered to accommodate almost double the volume of trucks. The Palestinians do not currently exploit the crossing’s capabilities fully. Since August 2010, when construction on the crossing was completed, an average of 176 trucks has entered the Gaza Strip every day, 500 of which have carried building materials for projects authorized by the Palestinian Authority (Website of the Israeli government coordinator for the territories, November 18, 2010).

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  1. The British Road to Hope Convoy on Its Way to the Gaza Strip | #aid #gaza #britain #ireland #libya

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    RT @CrethiPlethi: The British Road to Hope Convoy on Its Way to the Gaza Strip | #aid #gaza #britain #ireland #libya


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